A Dream

The best way to combat insomnia is to try and stay awake.
Three days of deliberate sleep deprivation led to a dream whereupon I visited God to ask him some personal questions about the morality of the world. Having been given a satisfactory answer, I was returning to my body when I noticed that the shape of the path I was following was that of a perfect sine curve. I now realized that this Platonic form, the sine curve, was precisely what I required to solve a problem in alternative aircraft design.

I awoke with an unusual sensation ~ moving seamlessly from waking to dreaming to waking again ~ being aware of both clearly as if there were no difference between the two states of mind. It was like walking out of the ocean at a shallow incline, part of one’s perceptions in one world, part the other; a gradual change in environment, yet without change in awareness. It was a distinctly easy feeling, unlike a normal fuzzy, sudden or confusing awakening experience completely.

In the dream I had complete awareness of who I was and what my waking life consisted of. When I had begun sleeping that night, it was with full consciousness, unlike normally when one forgets what one was thinking in the moments before sleep. I was acutely aware of why I was having that particular, peculiar dream. I was deliberately waking up now, in order to apply the sine curve to the flying ruler phenomenon. The entire sequence of events formed a single deliberate scene.

The possibility that I could have explored the world from this perspective (the dream world) was a bit less interesting than the application of the knowledge that had just been revealed to me. I sensed that God was somewhat surprised at this, expecting me to be more interested in everyone’s lives from the perspective of the dreaming realm, rather than simply returning to the waking one. Even today, as I write this, I feel I may have missed something by being focused too much on the aircraft.

As I awoke, another idea formed in my mind. It was driven out from the subconscious part of my meditations by this new feeling of enlightenment. The second idea involved the origins of the blueness of the daylight sky.

I had a distinct feeling that it was a state of psychological clarity stemming from the moral confidence acquired in the dream; that now allowed me to entertain these, and many other ideas with the full attention of my conscious mind. Before now, I had lacked faith in the ideas presented to my imagination.

Everything in this document I hold to be true to the utmost best of my knowledge. At no point have I embellished or deliberately deceived the reader for any reason, artistic or otherwise.

Signed beneath the name of My Personal Witness, John the Baptist…

Jonathan Ainsley Bain
Jonathan Ainsley Bain

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