This software depicts the laws of Special Relativity and General Relativity in an evolutionary algorithm. It was developed to examine how gravity propagating at the velocity of light from General Relativity affects the orbits of binary star systems. It also demonstrates how the limit at the velocity of light from Special Relativity affects eccentric orbits. It was designed to analyze at the gravitational wave experiment LIGO gw150914. To download OGS11 (0.7mb) Click:

The program orbit-gravity-sim-11.exe has been tested on
Win7, Win10, & WinXP

Help files on how to use this software are here:
Simulator physics of OGS11

Released 11 March 2017
by Jonathan Ainsley Bain, South Africa


  Screenshot of Relativity Software OGS11

Screenshot of Relativity Software

The article which discusses these findings is here in full:
(4mb, 37 pages)

or you can see the brief summaries of each sub-section here:
Analysis of GW150914 in html

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