N-body Gravity Algorithms

These computer algorithms demonstrate the precise gravitational effects that the various planetary bodies have on one another within the solar system. They are all evolutionary n-body-gravity algorithms that work according to the logic of Newtonian-Plank gravity.

These are powerful .exe programs so if you have security concerns about them, please check with the host here: www.doteasy.com - or note the security reports across numerous anti-virus solutions on this page: www.virustotal.com

(OGS15 - 1.41 mb) is a 3D orrery of the solar system that evolves strictly according to Newtonian-Planck n-body-gravity. It has precise adjustable scales for time and space. Its main purpose is to evaluate the cause(s) of Perihelion Precession for planetary orbits. You can read the full extensive article or summary of results at this link:
N-body-gravity algorithm introduction

orbit-gravity-sim-14.exe (OGS14 - 0.236 mb) is a 3D orrery of hypothetical binary star systems. This experiments with potential orbits around binary stars. Its quite easy to use, and designed for anyone to play around with who is purely curious about 3D gravity without needing to go into any heavily detailed math. Ideal for undergraduate experimentation.

orbit-gravity-sim-13.exe (OGS13 - 1.43 mb) is a 2D evolutionary algorithm of the solar system. It is simpler than OGS15, and thus is perhaps only useful for those in the process of constructing such applications. Its primary purpose here is to demonstrate how the Z-axis contributes more to the Perihelion Precession of Mercury than the claims of Relativity theory do. More on that comparison at this link: Mercury.

Download 3D-n-body-gravity evolutionary algorithm of the solar system:
n-body gravity orrery

Download 3D-n-body-gravity evolutionary algorithm of binary star systems:
n-body gravity binary orbits 3D

Download 2D solar system simulation:
n-body gravity download

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These algorithms have been tested on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows XP. They only use the primary API code, and thus should work on most platforms without install shields.

The core formula which is the solution to 3d-N-body-gravity in the paradigm of Newtonian-Planck gravity is supplied at the link to follow.

The authentic scientific method should be transparent and repeatable, thus I freely offer the essential source-code here:
How to Build N-body-gravity Algorithm

All I ask in exchange for its use is to be adequately referenced. The link to:
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